To achieve the best results, we design, test, and manufacture our premium products using the most advanced technology available.

Design and simulation

After scanning the car, we can simulate the physical stresses on the elements using the latest design programs, which reveal any weaknesses in the construction. Unfortunately, we live in a consumer society, but we completely distance ourselves from this approach. With this in mind, each component is designed to far exceed the lifespan of a car!

3D Scan
Using the most precise and advanced measuring equipment available today, we ensure absolute accuracy for your components through 3D Laser Scanner technology. With this, it becomes possible to design directly from the computer to your car with accuracy of up to 0.02 mm, ensuring seamless installation and operation for maximum design and elegance. 

Xtreme Material Utilization, Professional Manufacturing

Despite meticulous and precise preparation, execution is crucial. Every product of ours is crafted from high-strength steel sourced from Austria, laser-cut, CNC-bent, and welded together using high-performance Fronius CO welding machines to match the factory dimensions of the car. In sensitive areas, we also employ AWI welding technology.

It's important to note that correct material usage and modern CNC technology alone are not enough to protect components from environmental and physical impacts. To address this, after thorough acid degreasing, components undergo a zinc bath, followed by a double-layer powder coating. This technology helps prevent corrosion resulting from potential damages (tree trunks, rocks, ice, etc.).