I have been attending various off-road events with my father since 1998, so off-roading, overlanding, and a love for nature have always been defining aspects of my life, as I grew up in this environment from the age of 3. Off-road vehicles, especially Land Rovers, have held a special place in my heart. The immense amount of experience these cars have given me over the years is invaluable to me.

I spent 14 years abroad mastering manufacturing technology, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics, achieving excellent results and gaining extensive experience in these fields. This has enabled me to return to my homeland and produce the highest quality products possible. It is worth mentioning that, alongside technological expertise, everyday active on and off-road use, as well as overlanding, play a significant role in product development.

High-strength materials, lightweight construction, optimal approach angles, durability, comfort, and reliability. The blend of these factors creates for me the perfect and uncompromising result.

Off-roading is a passion, a form of relaxation, and the best way for me to recharge in nature.