GRENADIER Front Differential Guard

The differential guard is one of the most crucial accessories for solid axle off-road vehicles, as the front differential's lower plate is the most vulnerable component of the vehicle due to its position. When driving off-road, the differential is subjected to the harshest mechanical stresses, such as rocks, boulders, tree stumps, or other potential hazards, which often pose serious, sometimes fatal threats to the differential, often hidden under mud and, in some cases, fallen leaves. If you want to avoid serious damage and significant costs, as well as make your car more reliable, using a protective guard is strongly recommended.

The purpose of the differential guard is to protect this sensitive component from mechanical damage and impacts, as well as to increase the reliability and lifespan of the off-road vehicle. The guard is made of the most durable S700 high-strength steel and is excellent at withstanding impacts. Like all metal products we distribute, this part also receives the finest surface treatment technology to preserve its aesthetic appearance and prevent corrosion even in the event of damage. These include galvanizing, special priming, and two layers of applied and baked powder coating.

The installation of the differential guard is simple and quick, significantly extending the life and reliability of the vehicle. It fits precisely with existing components and minimizes maintenance and repair costs.

Don't let the terrain damage your vehicle. Get a differential guard and make your car more resistant and reliable even against the toughest challenges!

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